OEF: Hello friends, the first question is the following. Do you have plans to edit some new material?  Beto: At the moment no, but later we want to edit it with a new song

OEF: What expectations do you have of this European tour with BACTEREMIA and ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE? 
Beto: For us it is very important because is our very first tour through Europe, and more with bands like Animals and Bacteremia that besides being excellent bands we have a great friendship with them. We hope to have a very good time and a great experience in the tour.

OEF: You play on Obscene Extreme 2013 Mexico, what memories do you have of that experience?
Beto: Great memories, first of all to share the stage with bands that match our taste and that was also also our first time we played in Mexico. Is our thinking that Obscene is the best underground music festival on the planet.

OEF: Suppuration has existed since 1997. How has evolved the scene of the extreme music in Colombia?
Beto: I remember a lot because before here in Colombia they did not like the extreme brutal and heavy music, they were a few bands but there were bands that always represented the brutality at that time. The Grindcore and the Brutal Death genres were known just by few in our country. The brutal Death Grind scene has grown more all over the country with bands of very good level.

OEF: Colombia is distinguished now by its very brutal bands. Which would you recommend to someone who doesn't know this scene and wants to hear something? 
Beto: We recommend that you listen to these bands to people who do not know the brutality and disease of our country: Internal Suffering, Purulent, Evil Darknnes, Ancient Necropsy, Averno, Massacre, Parabellum Kilcrops, Kinguts, Stnzr Cult.

OEF: Devouring Your Prayers is a very intense album, straight to the face  and with that sound so powerful of Suppuration. The concept of the album is clearly Anti-Christian, but a song caught my attention: Fucking Metal-Hipsters. Who are these hipsters of the scene, is refered to Colombia or in the world in general?
Beto:  What we refer to metal - hipsters, is to those people who call themselves "open mind," those who ignore respect for metal, those who pretend to prostitute it, people of double standards who take everything fashionable like being animalists, but they make horns up to see the head of a pig in a metal show, they are toxic people. Another thing are the metal hipster bands who believe they are the "perfectionists" of the metal scene. With their technique, levitate and despise ALL THAT ISN'T to the level of them, when the metal is more about passion than technique, is to carry it in your heart, not to play metal to gain fame or money as they believe.

OEF: This is your space to send a message to fans
Beto: Stay tuned, we are going to release an LP celebrating our 20th anniversary and continue listening to brutal music not only Suppuration music from the whole world. Thank you for the interview! Thanks to you for your brutal support Obscene Extreme rulesss forever.