OEF: Hello Bacteremia, tell us a little about the history of the band.

Bacteremia: Bacteremia was born in 2016 with the idea of making Brutal Death Metal, with a little more than 10 years, Bacteremia has shared scene with very well recognized bands in the national and world brutal death scene, such as, Malignancy, Dehumanized, Devourment, Putrid Pile, Suppuration, Internal Suffering, Goretrade among others. Our first album "Cerebral Wrong Settings" comes under the Italian label Permeated Records and with them we have achieved very important events for the band to this day.

OEF: Who are the influences of Bacteremia that makes you play extreme music in the most brutal way?
Bacteremia: Our influence starts from Death Metal, bands like Death, Suffocation, Sinister, Morbid Angel, Terrorizer, etc. And of course the Brutal Death that is our best weapon to reach the extremes of Death Metal.

OEF: Cerebral Wrong Settings was a very good start for Bacteremia , can you tell us more about the concept of this album?
Bacteremia: Cerebral Wrong Settings is the beginning of a genetic experiment, which by man's egocentrism loses control and ends in a devastating and inevitable war.

OEF: What can you tell us about the new album, Furiously Reduced? 
Bacteremia: Furiously Reduced will be out the first months of this year. This production will not lose its essence, unstoppable blast beats, chaotic guitar rhythms and a brutal vocals. It will continue the inhuman history that the band started.

OEF: This is your space to send a message to the fans.
Bacteremia: A brutal greetings and an immense thanks to our followers, with their great support motivate us to continue with this project. Thank you for the interview!