NEEDFUL THINGS INTERVIEW It is almost unbelievable that NEEDFUL THINGS celebrate 20 years of existence. Let's talk about your beginning. How did the band start?
Otto: Yes its unbelievable to me too that we still play GRIND CORE after 20 years of existence. It`s all started in my mind when I was 14 years old and started to listen to metal bands. After years of only talking about "I want to play in a band" I finally bought my first bass guitar when I was 17 years old and started to learn play bass and practice nearly every day. Roman, our guitartist, bought a guitar at the same time so after 1 year we started to jam together without a drummer in a rehearsal room. It was a funny time. We rented a garage. So, in winter it was fucking cold and in summer fucking hot. Crazy time. Than we joined our good friend who played guitar for a few months and he was a better player and we found a drummer and started to play kind of Death metal. It was like 6 months. Maybe more or less. It is really a long time ago. But our drummer left the band because he entered the military service. So we still continued with Roman only and wrote our own GRIND CORE songs and were still searching for our first drummer. In that time Michael joined NT as a singer and in 1997 we found our first drummer Radek. He used to play in GENITAL GORE.  

It seems you have always had a lot of trouble with drummers. I assume a lot of skill, precission and responsability is needed to fill the position. Do you have a stable line up right now?
Otto: Drummers are our worst dreams. We have now the 4th drummer and I hope it`s the last one. But I think the same all the time we have a new drummer. Hahaha,... So its sucks. But Jarda plays really well. So we have had a stable line-up for more than 1 year now. And except for Jarda we have played all together for more than 15 years. So its really good I think. Sure we have sometime problems but most of the time, like 98%, we are really good friends and it`s always fun. 

Your last album is from 2011. When can we expect a new LP? Also are you planning any split or EP for 2016? 
Otto: You are right. It was released in 2011 but we had recorded it in 2010 already. It always takes so much time to make a good sound. Working on the third LP / CD which we wanna record this year. We have like 15 new songs ready. And still working on new ones.  

I´m curious about why does it take you so long to release material? 
Otto: It`s really of an interest for me too :D I think it`s so many troubles, problems around us. During all those years of our activity we have had problems like drummers, to find a rehearsal room, and other unexpected things. Maybe sometime we play so often so we have no time to rehearse and write new songs. It depends on our drummers too. Too lazy bastards. But our new drummer is really a good one and still has a good memory so we can make a new song each two weeks. We rehearse only on Sundays because it`s hard to find a free time. 

Your records sound great, it's a nice mix of raw and warm sound. At the same time everything sounds clear and not many bands achieve this. For me it's a clear reference to Nasum or Rotten Sound. Could you tell us more about your recording process, perhaps about the N.I.B.I.R.U. split per example?
Otto: Thanks for nice words about our sound. I think it`s really hard to make a sound we like. But during the years we have finally found a way to make a sound we want. Songs from  N.I.B.I.R.U. split were recorded at our friend`s rehearsal room. We used B tune and tight strings. But I can explain the procces. It`s always different and there is not any operating procedure how to make a sound like this or that. You know it depends on so many things. 

After 20 years what are your thoughts about the future of the grind scene in the Czech Republic? 
Otto: The strongest Grind Core scene was there in the 90´s in the Czech Republic. And I have no idea how it is now and in the future. Grind Core bands still exist and time from time some new ones start. I think Slovakia has a better grind core scene than the one of the Czech Republic. 

What are your further plans or objectives regarding NEEDFUL THINGS? 
Otto: We have so many plans for this year and for the future. The main plans for this year is to record and release a new LP / CD. To release the rest of songs from our recording session in 2013. It will be for a 5" split with LYCANTHROPHY and 3 more song for 7" EP split with TERSANJUNGXIII from Indonesia. But we have lost a contact with Mandra and with the band so we will problably cancle this split and we will try to find another band for the split with us. We will see. Anyway this October we will tour Malaysia and Indonesia with OVERVIOLENCE from Sweden. And I can`t wait for this tour. Esse is a really good friend of ours from the time when he played with SEWN SHUT. So I hope we will enjoy the whole tour and we will have a lot of fun.  

This is your space to reach your fans and readers, any last message? Thanks for the interview! 
Otto: Thanks Curby for this interview and for your support of NEEDFUL THINGS during its whole existence. Thanks to all the fans for their support and and visinting the shows. Support musick. See you on stage.