Czech Republic offers a variety of music that you can dig beyong the non english lyrics. PRŮMYSLOVÁ SMRT brings to you brutally fast hardcore music, with political lyrics and DIY attitude. Their album  Invaze Změn condense all this years around the czech scene.

Hello guys, nice to meet you! Let´s start this interview.
Hi, here's Průmyslová smrt, thank you for interviewing us, lets go!

Is almost impossible to find information of your band in english. So let's start this interview with questions about the band. Who are the band members? How do you decided to play short, fast and loud music? 
Yes, you're right. Only interview out in english is in Pepas' zine called COMMUNAL GRAVE no.2. He and his brother Ondra have great label DEAD HEROES rec. Focusing on  extreme hardcore, fastcore, grind and powerviolence, check and support them. We started as Průmyslová smrt in 2003 as a side project of our main bands Proletáři všech zemí (underground), Flying shits (emohardcore) a Human steak (grunge). The reason was to be hardcore band with everything what is all about, like scream about things we hate and be active in other ways. All that old bands are dead, but Průmka still goes on. I am Mičl – singer, im interested in politics and writing lyrics. Johan – guitar, he had started hardcore music mania in our small town called Jihlava, by organizing gigs of foreing bands and causes that bands like to return to Jihlava. Nobody of our band lives in Jihlava now. Peťák – bassist composing ¾ of music, he came to the band in 2004 after the first bassist Bibi leaved and we started to play more fast. Frišta is drummer and the engine of Průmka, he works like it,he just need beer and joint to go. We know each other from childhood except of Peťák, we meet him at highschol. Everyone is a little bit different, we are four friends playing in band for 12 years.

Have you played in other bands in Czech Republic?
Sure, simply as i said PROLETÁŘI VŠECH ZEMÍ (punk/underground), FLYING SHITS (emohardcore), HUMAN STEAK (grunge/drone), and then MESSERSCHMITT 109 (crust/punk), RPO (hardcore/punk), PAST NA DŮCHOTCE (punk), SCORBITI KURDAN (hardcore/punk), KOPNI FÍZLA DO HLAVY (elektro). That was past bands and these are active: RAVING ED (hardcore/grind), FOREVER KRANG (crazy/gore) a DISBEATLESS (crust/metal). That's all bands where anybody of Průmyslová smrt had been playing.

I want to ask a couple of questions about Invaze Změn. How long does it took you to make this album? It was all DIY record? How was the recording process?
We worked on this quite long time, no hurry, oldest song is from 2008 and most of songs are from years 2010-2012. We recorded it in HELLSOUND and AB RECORDS we need something  to change to polish and when we were pleased we start to look for labels. PAPAGÁJŮV HLASATEL records (maybe the oldest HC/punk label in CZ) released our record with our participation. We paid recording and one third of vynils so we can sell them on our shows, DIY style, you know.

Do you have any recordings coming this year? 
Not this year. We released two records last year, 15song onesided LP Invaze změn and 6 songs on split EP with THE TCHENDOS. There is epochal song called Today last time by Tchendos, which sings Amrit Sen, singer of legendary hardcore MICHAELS UNCLE. Now we are working on new shit, which can be for next LP, theoreticaly. By considering the frequency of our rehearsals and  a timing of songs, it will take a long time, i think :)    

What are your personal musical influences? 
There are a lot of them: SPERMBIRDS, NAŠROT, HNF, S.O.D., SAX, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, LYCANTHROPHY, MINOR THREAT, GRIDE, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, NASUM, REPULSION and much more especialy 80's thrash,  death, crossover a hardcore bands. We just want to play brutally fast :)

What do you think about the Czech scene?
I like Czech scene a lot, overall HC scene, i feel czech bands are not generic like in Poland or Germany or anywhere and i thing that cz bands are original in what they play, like musically and because of it they can be known worldwide. Also there are no interest in bands without english lyrics, but fuck this. If you are a fan, you find your own. Filip Fuchs passed few days ago, biggest czech promoter of DIY music and lifestyle, we honour his memory. I think it would be great, if there will come group of people who will continue his zine HLUBOKÁ ORBA and it could became czech version of MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL or something.

This is your space to say what you want to the fans and readers. Thanks for the interview!
Thank you for interview. Don't let manipulate yourself by media and stupid talks of  politics and actors which are bribed and if not, their opinions are mostly stupid. Majority of us are working class and if we accede to game of rich our lives will go into shit. Make your own opinions and never stop to think critically, because it could be the start of the end. Bye folks, we are Průmyslová smrt.