The Croatian grind core scene is not that well-known like the underground scenes in other countries. BOLESNO GRINJE is the proof. The reason is that from 2007 till now some band members were prohibited to enter EU countries.

This grind core machine was founded by ex-members of the legendary Anti Otpad band and you can still feel some punk or crust tunes in their production.

Hi again guys,we are more than happy to have you again at Obscene Extreme mini Winter

Bolesno Grinje: Hi!We're happy also! Thank you for giving us an opportunity to play on this MINI Winter edition!

Are you planning some new recordings or splits?

Bolesno Grinje: Sure, at the time we're mixing our new album! It's supposed to be out on vinyl in next few months...
again we're having a cooperation between more record labels...the deal is not closed yet, so if any label
wants to be a part of our new LP feel free to contact us! We want to put it out on CD also...
Not long ago we have recorded a HELLHAMMER's cover for the Tribute 12" that's gonna come out really, looking forward for that also!

What did you missed more about touring outside Croatia?

Bolesno Grinje: Definitely missed more gigs! We wanted to play more but it was not possible at that period of time. After playing on OEF in 2006 we were invited to some great festivals...even on some tours, but we couldn't go...that's a shame!

I imagine you have jobs and is almost impossible to make a living of touring.
How do you balance your music with other obligations?

Bolesno Grinje: Yes, also we're not looking to make a living out of it. We have our jobs and everyday obligations, but
music is our passion and our we always find time for it! We're not a band who tours a lot,
but we want to go wherever we're invited to, of course if it is possible!

Your production sound is cleaner with every new record. Per example your album "Pobjeda je naša" has a raw
production that reinforce the intensity of the songs. How do you balance a cleaner production so it
doesn't sound lifeless or mechanic?

Bolesno Grinje: All our albums are recorded in DIY studio of our guitarist Jule, so, as the time passed Jule got better
equipment...and he is constantly improving his skills in studio, so our sound evolved to

The band has been around for a long time, where do you find inspiration now to keep your riffs and ideas

Bolesno Grinje: We have two creative individuals in our band. They are always up to something, at least one of them...when one is out of ideas, the other is definitely we're never bored at all!
When it comes to the lyrics part...there is stupidity on this planet for at least 20 more albums, hehehe!

This is your space to say what you want to the fans and readers. Thanks for the interview!

Bolesno Grinje: We'll unleash our new beast in a few months, so stay tuned!!!

Thank you guys for the interview and see you soon on OEF Mini Winter Edition!