Bandung Brutality. Indonesia underground is full of hiddem gems, and Jasad is maybe one of the most brutal bands from Asia. Sharp riffs, non stop blast beats and insane songs with no fillers, just straightforward brutal death metal. 

This is just the perfect music to fill the Obscene Extreme line up, and also the endless madness of Afterparty. So if you are planning a weekend of unlimited violence Jasad will be there to crush your ears.

Jasad means “Bodies” and it was formed in the 90’s. They have hordes of fans in Indonesia, who make something like a ritual hand shake in the air at the rhythm of blast beats, something you won’t expect to see in your favorite gig! They are one of the longest active bands of Indonesian extreme scene and their songs mix traditional death metal lyrics with Sundanese culture. The Sundanese are an ethnic group from Java island, with their own language and a rich polytheistic mythology that flows within Jasad music. Rebirth of Jatisunda is their latest album so check it out!

Hello guys, please tell us a brief history of the band for those first listeners.

The band was formed by bassist Yuli in 1990, released first ep on 1996 called “ C'est La Vie”, early of 2000 vocalist Man and guitarist Ferly joined the band.The other two personnels were drummer Dani Papap and original bassist Yuli. This would be their first solid line-up until 2011 when Dani quits and changing by Abaz.

Our first full length album "Witness of Perfect Torture" was released in 2001 through Indonesian local label Rottrevore Records, these cd also being re-released and distributed worldwide through Forever Underground ( USA ) at 2003. The next album called “Annihilate the Enemy” released by Sevared Records ( USA ) at 2005.

On 2013 our last album called "Rebirth Of Jatisunda" which released by both Extreme Souls Productions to distribute in Asian and Sevared Records for rest of the world.

Rebirth of Jatisunda was a very well received album, I really like it! Could you tell us what are the lyrics about?

The lyrics of Rebirth of Jatisunda album is about our ancestor teaching and philosophy which are less people here knows about that, we start to explore our ancestor teaching and reintroduce to the people mostly here and also to the world, its about humanity and universe.

Why do you think extreme metal is so popular in Indonesia?

Its caused our long movement here, we’re still survive until now with all conditions, extreme metal scene here became creative industry from the screen printing company, metal shops, and merchandise productions. Also we are here connecting with other scene not only metal scene.

I read in an interview that there are some Islamic metal fundamentalist bands in Indonesia. What are your thoughts about these bands? Is this scene growing?

We know some of them, our thoughts about the bands like that is make contra propaganda, our propaganda is about humanity basically our ancestor teaching.

That scene not too big here, but there’s in a few cities here.

You played in Obscene Extreme Asia, what are your memories of that fest?

It was nice festival, we love to perform there

What are your favourite indonesian bands? (Pen and paper please!)

Brutal Corpse, Bloody Gore, Edane and old rock band called Godbless

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