WEHRMACHT: Beware of the Shark

Wehrmacht and Cryptic Slaughter were among the first bands to combine the speed of thrash metal with the rampant energy of hardcore and punk. 

Wehrmacht was responsible of two thrashing from the 80's.  Wehrmacht first album,‘Shark Attack’ open a new era of blasting speed and frantic riffs. Their next album, ‘Biermacht’ in 1988 was the definitive party album full of beer hymns.

And they show us how to party in Wehrmacht style during Obsceme Extreme… with two amazing performances. So we talk with guitarist John Duffy, about thrash, beer and party! Shark Attack!

We have enough luck to enjoy double WEHRMACHT attack at Obscene Extreme 2014. Even there was some kind of naked fan club of WEHRMACHT, that was crazy! What did you enjoy most about your shows at OEF?
Well, of course, the naked club!!! Seriously though, just about everything that was Obsene Extreme was amazing. Truly, the best festival we have played. The people (fans, bands and staff) all, wonderful and life loving folks. The band line-ups were awesome. Got to see groups I never thought I'd ever see like, Final Exit from Japan. Very cool. I loved the most about OEF was the no violence policy and it really seems to work. I never saw any fights or violence. Just a lot of passed out, and drunk people having a great time. Anyone interested in going to the best outdoor, European festival, this is the one!!!!

Which bands you like more from the fest?
I think 2014's line-up was very solid, all the bands went really well together and the specific genres for specific nights was a great touch. I'm personally in contact with lots of bands (as you can imagine with all the touring we do) and have already suggested your festival to them. Toxic Holocaust and Municipal Waste come to mind. How about D.R.I. and have a huge hardcore, punk night. I think any band in their right mind would play OEF, it's a win-win situation...

You baptized a lot of Shoe Brothers in Europe. As beer experts what's your favourite brand from the continent?
I'm a personal fan of any European bier, even the cheap stuff. While in Trutnov, I really enjoyed (of course) the Pilsner Urquell and the Matuska biers.

I was reading an old 1987 interview with you guys, you were like 18 year old! You said in that interview that America society is a bunch of closed minded redneck Nazis, and also you didn´t like Reagan. Do you think there was some positive change or there's still the same closed minds?
A good question. I think a lot has changed. At least in the attitudes about musicians that play that "evil" heavy metal shit. We don't get the slack we did back then anymore about playing music that will never last. I told them then that metal wasn't going anywhere and now we have the last laugh. As far as redneck Nazi's, yeah there is still some idiots out there and there will always be some moron, but for the most part, I think people are becoming more united and sophisticated. Our particular city, Portland, Oregon has improved a ton since 1987. There was an undercurrent of violence and hatred in our town back then that I don't feel on people anymore.

Metal scene has change a lot since those early times. Do you miss something of that 1986 era?
The innocence, the intoxicating fear of doing something that you've never done before. That youthful excitement of actual touring with your best friend and making TONS of new ones. Even if it meant eating once a day and sleeping on floors. I don't miss sleeping on floors though. Plus, there wasn't that many bands playing thrash or crossover at the time and it was just, I don't know, let's say, less crowded, more original. There are SO MANY groups playing extreme music nowadays that it's hard to keep up. Not putting any of them down though. I love MANY of these groups and the really young guys (like Raptor from Portland and Noisem from Baltimore)) have that spirit that we did (and still do)... that innocence and drive.

How did you come to the idea of playing some CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER classics?
Cryptic Slaughter and Wehrmacht go WAY WAY back. Our first tour mates and life long best friends. All the stuff we've done together could fill a book. Cryptic have not been able to reform as we did and the idea for both bands touring together again is irresistible. But that hasn't been possible so we've done the next best thing. The guys all knew the material and we just learned to play their songs in the closest essence of the original's as possible. In the future, Scotty is hopeful that a full Cryptic reunion will still happen. We're keeping up the vigil as well. We would love to see the "real" C.S. as much as everyone. Their songs are so fucking timeless. And catchy as fuck...

Tell us about your new projects for the future.
We have been working on a full length for quite some time. We have 2 new songs ("Impala" and "Want SomeCandy") that we play from the future album (sorry, no title as of yet) and each of us have a batch of new material, full songs, idea's and what not, ready to go. We do tour quite a bit( mostly festivals and one off's) and this has slowed down the actual recording of the album but we are getting there.

This is our first OEF Fanzine, so we are happy to have you in this edition. Do you want to say something to the fans and readers?
Well thank-you so much for having us in your very first edition and we would love to say to all of your readers that we will be back at OEF. Anytime Curby and his wonderful staff will have us, we will be there. We had a fucking awesome time and CZ fans are the best. Stay naked and "till next time...Drink Bier and Be Free!!!

Thanks for the interview

Questions: Frederico / Answers: Duffy