NUNSLAUGHTER: Devil Metal Blasphemy

Founded in 1987, Cleveland, Ohio’s NUNSLAUGHTER have put out nearly 120 blasphemous releases in over two decades without compromising their harsh, old school death/thrash sound or Christ-butchering image. 

We interviewed their singer, Don Of The Dead, who nicely opened for us the gates of Hell. So grab your spikes and leather and enjoy this heretic interview.

How was this European tour? Have you ever imagined to reach that far, being practically a DIY band?
Don Of The Dead: HELLo..... The "Deathcharge" tour was our fourth or fifth time to Europe and it was a blast. We always have a great time with the bands we tour with. It is always surprising and humbling when we get to travel to these amazing places and get to perform for metallist.

Nunslaughter shows are a lesson in raw & furious Christbaiting metal, what do you like more of live shows?
Don Of The Dead: We try to bring a high energy to the show and our music. I like having people sing along and participate in the live shows.

How was this Obscene Extreme experience for you?
Don Of The Dead: This was one of the best shows/fests that have every played or attended. Everything was taken care of both on stage and off. We would not hesitate to be on another OEF.

What do you miss more about the 80's and the underground metal?
Don Of The Dead: The ability to keep track of bands and the comrades that I made through writing letters to them. We had a tight knit bunch of people and that for me meant everything.

Do you consider that file sharing sites or Youtube helped Nunslaughter to be more well knowned?
Don Of The Dead: Yes I think it has helped just about every band that lacks proper promotion. Hell I have discovered many a band for myself from youtube.

Do you like some modern Death Metal, or you just stick with classic underground bands?
Don Of The Dead: I stick to early death metal from 1983 till about 1987. After that the underground seem to explode with money and "produced" sounding metal bands. The glory was gone.

You were invited to play on Danny's Lilker Brutal Birthday. What are your thoughts about Danny's retirement? Are you planning a special set?
Don Of The Dead: No special list for us. Danny is an icon in metal music and he is not fully retiring he is just stepping down from many of the laborious tasks an underground has to put up. I believe he is still willing to do the occasional fest and I a m sure he will not put down the bass forever. It is in his blood.

Do you want to say something to the fans?
Don Of The Dead: Life is short so listen to metal.

So you heard this wise words, now grab your Nunslaugther favourite record and headbang like there`s no tomorrow. Thanks for the interview.