SKELETHAL - Antropomorphia


Coming from Lille, France, SKELETHAL became one of the top bands from the New Wave of Old School Death Metal. Established in 2012, the band released a demo and two EPs under an influence of the classic Swedish death metal of Dismember/Carnage. The band was founded and driven by Gui Haunting (Vocals, Guitars) and Jon Whiplash (Drums, Bass) to release an excellent debut album „Of The Depths…“ in 2017. Just one year later, Jon left the band and SKELETHAL became a regular four-piece (re)collection drawing heavily from the US death metal. With the new drummer Lorenzo Vissol of the Belgian Black/Speed Metallers Bütcher, SKELETHAL moved into a new realm.

Their new record "Unveiling the Threshold" is in one sentence as if Sweden‘s Carnage tried their best at playing Morbid Angel’s "Altars of Madness". Very fast, complex, crushing buzzsaw swedish quitar sound – captivating record for sure. Awesome to have them at the OEF this year – SKELETHAL!!!


Out of Northern France, SKELETHAL plays Old School Death Metal in the vein of bands such as Entombed, Pestilence, Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Death, Bolt Thrower, Massacra…

Since its embodiment in 2012, the band rapidly pathed its way out of France. A demo and two EP’s released in 2014 were followed by an extensive number of shows all over Europe, UK as well as a tour in the USA. The shows included appearances in some major European Festivals such as Party San Open Air, Fall of Summer, In Flammen Open Air.
With its critically acclaimed first full-length ‘Of the Depths…’ released in June 2017 through Hells Headbangers Records, the band reiterated and stated its seriousness. A new line up and a follow up second full-length ‘Unveiling the Threshold’ released in November 2020 on Hells Headbangers Records again saw them level up and mature both in production and song writing.

The story of SKELETHAL is one of a DIY band, self-made from scratch which progressively professionalised. Armed with all this experience and the will to expand, the band is looking into reaching bigger opportunities by joining forces with qualified and passionate actors of the metal scene.


Release date Release name Media
2020 Unveiling the Threshold Full-length
2019 Antropomorphia DEMO
2018 Heirs of Hideous Secrecies Split
2017 Of the Depths... Full-length
2015 Morbid Revelations Compilation
2014 2012 Demos Split
2014 Deathmanicvs Revelation EP
2014 Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity EP
2012 Morbid Ovation DEMO


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