IMPULSEALER Czech Republic



In recent years, a bag of various projects by experienced musicians has been torn. IMPULSEALER is a grindcore project by Mark from Hibakusha and John from Bowel Fuck!!! This Czech grinding duo came together in 2017 and since then, they has been supplying us with really high-quality grindcore, not unlike the Swedish legend Nasum!!!

Deploying of IMPULSEALER is proof that when you do this honestly and with enthusiasm, you can run to the OEF stage and let the grindcore geyser rage into the right audience!!!


IMPULSEALER officially started as a studio project in the beginning of 2018 but the idea to play together came after the gig in September, 2017 where we both played with our bands, BOWEL FUCK (John) and HIBAKUSHA (Marzena).During the first half of 2018 we wrote our demo material which was recorded at Davos studio in Vyskov in September that year. The demo is self-released on cassettes and uploaded to our bandcamp page.

Since each of us lives in a different part of the Czech Republic, we do not rehearse so ofen but our plan is to write and record new stuff on yearly basis. In January 2020 we got the offer to play at Crust, Grind & Hardcore Party in Ořechov which was our starting point for live gigs. Since then we did another recording session and played some gigs (quite few got cancelled due to coronavirus lockdown) around the Czech Republic in 2020. We have a new full length record prepared to be released by Psychocontrol records in summer 2021 and also a new date booked in the Davos studio for recording of new tracks. Listen to Grindcore!

John – guitar/vocal
Marzena – drums


Release date Release name Media
2021 System destroyer / Berated – Immersed in the Worst (3way CD split) CD
2021 42 (LP/cassette) LP, MC (TAPE)
2020 No god rhetoric (7Inch Split)
2019 S/t (cassette) MC (TAPE)


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