BOWELFUCK Czech Republic



BOWELFUCK!!! This is a representative of an aggressive, well-played and bone-crushing grindcore!!! Truth is, there are not many bands in the Czech Republic that would hold the banner of real grindcore, but BOWELFUCK are definitely amongst them!!!

The trio from the capital have been showing it for more than a decade and for their qualities, we are happy, to invite them for the second time to the boards of Obscene Exreme to spin your mullets with their hurricane!!! Gentlemen, get on the stage, please!!!


Origin of the band is dated since 2010. Pavel - guitar, little John - vocal and base, Kalvos - drums. This goregrind project slowly evolved into intransigent thundering Grindcore. Pavel, the father founder, left the band in 2017 and is replaced by experienced guitarist and friend Tomáš, who took lead as the main brain and draught-horse of the band. Recently after that change of vocals took place, where Honza comes into play.


Release date Release name Media
2020 Decades
2017 Fragments
2014 Working On Selfdestruction
2014 Split CD w Cruel Face Of Live CD
2012 ManBearPig


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