At Obscene Extreme we are always looking for new bands. These guys are playing a nice mix between crust, hardcore and grind, so that's make it more interesting. Give them a chance and enjoy their music.

Hello guys, please introduce us to V DOBĚ MORU. Who are the band members? 
Hi. Our band emerged somewhere around the end of the winter 2008 on the remains of the band REAKCE NA ZMĚNU. Two bass players went through our gang and the current line-up is: Wojtis – vocals, Martin – electric guitar, Michal – drums and Ola – bass guitar, who is with us since the last year. 

For those who don't know the band, how do you describe your music? 
To describe the band’s own music is not always easy. We try to play something between crust and grind… we want everybody to find something in our music what they like and what will absorb them. 

The band sounds really tight, mixing crust, grind, hc. All of it sounds cohesive and interesting. Who are the main influences for the band? 
Everyone of us likes something different, we listen to various genres from grindcore to underground… 

The music you released is intense and very promising, and production quality is great. When we can expect a full album? 
We have recorded the material, now we need to publish it. The CD should be released this year. If anybody would like to be involved in the cooperation, they are free to let us know at 

Your albums sound really good, who produced your material? 
We go to a small village called Čestice, where Honza Kapák has its own record studio, HELLSOUND. 

I'm curious about V DOBĚ MORU lyrics, what are they about? 
Our lyrics is about the mundane problems of this world. It is enough to take a look around and the lyrics are writing themselves. V DOBĚ MORU is a metaphor. Its purpose is to show that there is no plague (MOR) in the world, but there are many much worse things that kill and torment people all around the world. The problem is that there was no cure for the plague at its time, so many people died beyond hope of rescue. But plenty of today’s lifestyle diseases and world’s problems are useless or delusively released in order to lock us in a circle of desinformation and fear. The public opinion is created by the media and we hear and see only what the others tell us and have no idea of what is true and what is not. And that is the plague in the present context. It will not dissapear. It is all around us!!! 

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