They are coming for your cunt. Jig-Ai are the czech flagship of goregrind and they are spreading their sick Guro obsession through the world. You know what to expect in music: face splitting riffs, unstoppable blasts, and inhuman growls spitting something we suppose are lyrics. 

Jig-Ai will continue making bloody history playing in Canada at Obscene Extreme America. The shows of these guys are an incredible display of energy so, Canadians be ready for merciless brutality, excessive mosh pit and lots of air guitar.

You earn the title of the Czech goregrind bulldozer, what's your main inspiration to make such brutal music?

Kaspy: My inspiration is listening to tons of other music, and then in the rehearsal room be focused on our own thing. 

Brain: We just like this kind of music and what we play is a natural way how we feel that. Nothing complicated. Inspiration is everywhere. 

You can´t just force yourselves. Sometimes you play guitar and nice riff comes from your hands. Sometimes couple of beers helps,  sometimes you are just pissed of something. Etc. 

You were touring everywhere last year, from Mexico to Japan! How was the crowd reaction in those places?

Kaspy: The crowd reaction was positive everywhere in my opinion. The highlights were Obscene extreme club tour gigs, especially in Tokyo. Great organization and nice atmosphere was just supporting it. 

Brain: Amazing. Nearly everywhere in the world people are crazy about grindcore.

It's the first time Obscene Extreme is coming to Canada and you are the Czech ambassadors. Every live show at OEF you do was incredible, what do you expect of this canadian adventure?

Kaspy: Well, thank you. I don´t know what to expect to be honest, its the first time for OEF there. The spirit could be similar to the Australian edition where we played last year. I´ve seen some pictures of the Theatre Venue and it looks perfect. The line-up is already pumped up with great bands, so I hope for a success for Obscene extreme crew this year. 

Brain: I better do not have any expectations. We will play as best as we can and I hope people will like that and we all will have great time with brutal music.

A serious question, some grind fans are against misogynist lyrics and porngrind, what do you think about this? Why do you think these people take the lyrics so seriously?

Kaspy: We are in for the music first and image or theme is a secondary.

We are not sexist assholes and If someone is taking it too seriously it´s his problem really.

Brain: I do not care. It is like with horror and porno movies. You do not like it, so just don´t watch it! We do it for fun and there are thousands of people who like the way we do it. ... And all those haters can talk whatever they want because the more they talk the better advertising they do for us.  

As an outsider I think Czech Republic has a great grindcore scene right now, tons of fests and bands to share a great time. What do you like more of czech scene? And what do you hate more?

Kaspy: Czech is rich on music and culture in many directions, and even in underground metal grind-core is not the only export. But the most remarkable event here is still Obscene Extreme.

Brain: Czech is quite unique in this way. Such a small country with so many fans. It is great! I like it.

One of my favourite czech bands ever will be Negligent Collateral Collapse and you were members until the split. Their lyrics about chemistry, maths and science was something so creative no one still can match. And music was incredibly brutal! So I must ask, is there a chance you make an NCC reunion sometime?

Brain: We did not talk about that with guys. Robocop and Paul continue with Eardelete. Ierich is a bit out of the scene. Me and Buraak play with Jig-Ai. Maybe someday in the future. Who knows.  

Guys your vocal style is amazing, zero effects, pure throat power! How do you prepare your vocals before a show? Is there some secret you can share?

Brain: Buraak drinks beer always. That is all. No special tricks. 
We used some effects in studio for the first two records to make it more varied but most of vocals were clean. Live shows are always only pure vocals. 

This is your space to say what you want to fans and readers.

Kaspy: Thank you for paying attention to what we do. Buy Vinyl. And don´t die!

Brain: Thank you for the support over the years. If you do not know our muSick check our bandcamp and I hope to see you under the stage while we will play some show.


Thanks for the interview!