They will positively fuck you up. These gentlemen from UK are labeled as Leeds Powerviolence. But labels means nothing, sound is everything and believe me, these guys deserve the chance to prove themselves at Obscene Extreme. 

If you like extreme music please don’t miss these guys, and Leeds scene in general, it’s more experimental but also very enjoyable. Get’s Worse have a handful of albums that you can enjoy for free in their bandcamp. So let’s start this interview.

Guys tells us more about the band?


Benj: We were friends for a long time before we decided to start the band. We just wanted to hang out and play music, the style wasn't really a priority but it's eventually ended up sounding like a mush of old American powerviolence, grindcore and sludge. 

I'm surprised about the monstruous sound of Get’s Worse, live and in recordings too. Did you have a hard time finding that sound for the band?

Benj: The sound has just evolved naturally, we just worked with what we had, I only owned a five string bass so we just tuned to that. Playing tuned that low just makes us sound a lot heavier. It's not a conscious thing, we just started that way because we had no other choice. 


The Negative EP is a slap in the face of Powerviolence scene, you really sound pissed off! Do you believe the scene is saturated with pointless bands? What are your thoughts about PV in general?

Benj: It's not PV I have a problem with, there's actually not a lot of powerviolence bands in the UK. I go to a lot of gigs and I feel like I've seen the same hardcore and punk bands that look and sound exactly the same a hundred times. I can't remember the band names and I can't differentiate between band members. I'm sure some of them were good but they all blur into one. If you're going to write music just do it for yourself and play what you enjoy. Don't do it to fit into the crowd. 

This is your first time at Obscene Extreme, what do you expect to happen in the fest?

Benj: It's my first time at obscene. I expect to get drunk and hang about talking shite.

Many interesting bands are coming from Leeds, which are your favourite ones?

Benj: Obviously the kings of Leeds are The Afternoon Gentlemen. There's Famine and Lugubrious Children in Leeds who are cool but if we look further afield around the UK we have Horsebastard, Control, Chinsniffer, Eviserax, Let it Die, Corrupt Moral Alter and loads more! 


What are your plans for the future?


Benj: We have a 12" split with Henry Fonda which should be out by the time you read this. Our main priority at the moment is an album that we are going to release in four parts. White Horse was part one. The second part 'Yellow Belly' will be next and that will be followed by two more releases that will eventually come together to make up the album. 

We decided to do it this way to make recording less hard work and it's been much more fun so far. It's good to get music out regularly too. 


How do you see this band in 10 years from now?

Benj: Hopefully we'll still be hanging around drinking beers and writing songs but who knows. We don't have any plans for world domination, just want to have fun. 


This is your space to leave a message to your fans and readers!

Benj: If you see us about at OEF then feel free to come and drink some beers with us! Cheers! 

Thanks for the interview!