DAN LILKER: The Legend

Brutal Truth show at Obscene Extreme 2014 was the latest show of this band in Europe. The close of a chapter in grind, and also in Danny´s Lilker story. How many great bands this man was involved? Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth, Anthrax, S.O.D., Venomous Concept, to name a few. 

Hell, I don’t want to forget about even the more experimental Exit-13. Like his friend from Napalm Death, Shane Embury, he plays the bass and has tons of projects. 18th October was the day of the retirement of Dan from Brutal Truth, with a massive BRUTAL BIRTHDAY PARTY celebrating his fifty years. So we couldn’t waste the opportunity to have a relaxed talk with him.

Hi Dan, let's start this interview talking about the future. What are you planning with your other projects (Blurring, Nokturnal Hellstorm, Venomous Concept)?
Dan Liker: Both of my local bands (Blurring and Nokturnal Hellstorm) have recorded full lengths to be released in the near future, and both bands play out often here in Rochester and sometimes out of town as well. Venomous Concept has also recorded this year and will be playing Japan in November since it's a tour with Napalm, Brutal and S.O.B., so all members will be there anyway.
Note: What a great gig, could you imagine Napalm Death, Brutal Truth and S.O.B. the Japanese legend together? Is insane news, it also makes me remember that old amazing split of ND and SOB.

What are you going to miss more about Brutal Truth?

Dan Liker: Playing hi-speed fucked-up grindcore all around the world. Blurring also plays pretty freaked-out material but we probably won't be touring the world too much.

What do you think will be the legacy of Brutal Truth to grindcore?
Dan Liker: We were the band that gave it a good kick in the ass with Extreme Conditions, and then we mutated later in our career to be total controlled chaos at unheard-of speeds.

Considering that your retirement will bring you some free time, do you consider to become a producer?
Dan Liker: Maybe not so much more free time as of yet! Nuclear Assault is coming back for a little while...but I've produced bands before and it's enjoyable, so if the opportunities arise, i would definitely do that again.

What are you listening nowadays?
Dan Liker: Nazxul.
Note: Nazxul is a band from Australia, Black Metal with some ambient influences in their latest album.

Here comes a difficult question. Thinking about all the bands you were involved, which do you consider the best album you ever recorded?
Dan Liker: The still-unreleased Nokturnal Hellstorm second album. Here is a taste  Perhaps I say that because it's very fresh to me, but I think it's very well done black metal to be totally honest.

We really want to know about your birthday! Tell us more about this upcoming major event!
Note: this interview was made before the BRUTAL BIRTHDAY, Curby says it was amazing.
Dan Lilker: I'll be turning 50 on October 18th, and that is on Saturday this year, so near the beginning of this year we planned a show at a local bar with- Immolation (no words necessary) Nunslaughter (ditto) Avulsion (classic old-school Buffalo grind) and Controlled By Fear (local Rochester power-violence rotcore noise) We invited friends from around the world, and there will also be "normal fans" attending, and it's gonna be quite a party!!

Thank you very much for your time. Fans everywhere are reading, do you want to add something to this interview?
Dan Lilker: Thanks to everyone out there who has supported extreme music in every form, and don't worry, my "retirement" is not working out so well haha.

Thanks for the interview!!!
Dan Lilker: Cheers dude!!

Questions: Frederico