VULNUS was formed back in 2001 and has been creating Brutal Death/Grind ever since. Right now they recorded new promo CD that is full of relentless, Grinding Brutal Death Metal and they trying to get contract with new label and record new album just before summer festival season. Check out the killer tracks which truly represent their current style, much more brutal, faster, more guttural, slamming tunes!!!


Vulnus was formed back in 2001 and has been creating Brutal Death/Grind ever since. One year after their initial formation they released their first demo cd Exposed To The Appalling, and played several shows with other local bands such as Inveracity, Extreme Violence, Sun of Nothing etc. In 2003 the band managed to release a self financed split cd with the now defunct Greek act Angrist, which was titled Combined Extremity, in a friendly collaboration that received a fair amount of attention from the underground scene. A few changes in the line up followed, and Vulnus finally established their sound, by rehearsing intensively and focused on writing new material for a future release. In the meanwhile, Aenaon Music offered them a deal for a split CD with Brazilian Grinders IxSxOxYxF. The band entered the studio in March 2005 and recorded 5 tracks of relentless, Grinding Brutal Death Metal. After careful consideration for a better sounding outcome, this rough mix was sent to Imperial Mastering (USA) for mixing and mastering by the infamous Colin Davis of Vile fame. The result is a tight sounding, groove laden tour de force which stands out for its super intense drumming, technical guitar playing and great vocals. With Lost Beyond Retrieval, the band has established its own sound of contemporary Brutal Death Metal by avoiding many of the generic cliches in the genre and by introducing new aspects to this form of music, such as ultra slow, groovy moshpit patterns in combination with their hyper fast and technical parts. Moreover, the band has launched a different approach to the lyric section, by singing about social and more personal issues, and by using a healthy dose of humour, thus leaving the usual gore/splatter image aside. The bands cover belongs to Eric Drooker, a world - acclaimed artist whose paintings and drawings display the notion and attitude that both the band and label were going for this particular recording.


Release date Release name Media
2006 Split CD with I SHIT ON YOUR FACE
2003 Split CD with ANGRIST


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