„Hi Obscene family, I’m Tonio from France, I played in DHIBAC, BLOCKHEADS, CHIENS. I am asking for your help for a very good friend who is in trouble in China. This friend is Ben the millionaire, but he's not a millionaire and neither does his family…

I had the pleasure of grinding with DHIBAC and playing multiple gigs with him, including the huge OEF... great memories!

DHIBAC: Ben was accomplished in other formations like: Gu guai Xing Qiu:, Digou: He is an accomplished musician who has always been active in extreme music. He’s also a ball of energy, not a minute without laughing and we always have a good time with him.

About the actual situation: The doctors discovered an aneurysm in time. He needs a surgery urgently, but we do not know if the operation will be a success... The situation being complicated because Ben was in the process of changing his employment contract and he had a month without health coverage. Aneurysm was discovered during this time… Bad Luck. The Chinese health system is therefore waiting for funds to operate, which is why we have created a crow funding on the internet to help his family to raise money and limit their financial investment.

He is the father of a little girl in China, she is also counting on you. I therefore appeal to your generosity, we need you guys, need the grinding family to keep give a chance to a great guy to survive. Thank you!

I would like to thank especially Curby for his reactivity and to grant us a publication on the OEF site, all our love to this great guy.

You can find the link for donation here:

Thanks for your attention. Peace and Grind!!!“