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Theresa #181

19.12.2020 22:52

Koupim alba Lahar - Umeni strachu a Gride - tanec blaznu na vinylu. Diky

migmanzone #139

19.07.2018 14:32

live streaming Acidez at Obscene Extreme 2018 can u chek out this :

Reef #105

13.06.2017 17:23

ANTITREND OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 2017: Death/grind open air festival with friendly drinking atmosphere Line-up: RAZORRAPE (SWE) - gore grind machine DEPRESY (SK) – legendary dark and melodic death metal GODLESS TRUTH (CZ) - Czech death metal legend is back! MINCING FURY (CZ) - demented death/grind SERRABULHO (PT) - party death/grind LYCANTROPHY (CZ) DIY hardcore/grind/fastcore CARNAL DIAFRAGMA (CZ) - mining grind humbuk DESTRUCTIVE EXPLOSION OF ANAL GARLAND (CZ) - explosive grind core VULVATHRONE (SL) - insane porno death/grind ANUS (SWE) - goregrind slam fuck! SIX-SCORE (AUT) - Swedish style grindcore SHAMPOON KILLER (CZ) - killing death/grind DIPHTERIA (CZ) - death core/metal massacre HIGH PURITY (CZ) - atmo-grind BRUTAL SPHINCTER (BEL) – dancing gore grind NO GOD RHETORIC (CZ) - fastcore/grind attack Možnost stanování přímo v areálu! Camping possibility right in the areal! Vlez - "dobrovolný" příspěvek na kapely ve výši 350,- CZK Entry - "voluntary" fee for supporting extreme bands - 350 CZK / 14 EUR Sobota 24.6.2017, start ve 12:00 Saturday 24.6.2017, start at noon Žabcice (u Brna) - Czech Republic FB event: +420 778 144 578