Another legendary grind crew that we all thought had been eradicated, has resurged!!! Belgium's bards, INTESTINAL DISEASE, are back!!!

Old school classic Swedish death metal crushing the OEF! LIK!!!

If you love that classic buzz-saw Swedish guitar sound, you already know this band quite well. With just two full-length albums out called „Mass Funeral Evocation“ and „Carnage“, this four-piece gang took the scene by storm bringing memories of 1990’s when Dismember and Entombed just about introduced Swedish DM to the world. 

There can never be enough legends, therefore... INTERNAL BLEEDING!!!

INTERNAL BLEEDING were there at the beginning when energetic hopping hard core and groovy rhythmics birthed slam. A tidal wave of energy smashes you at their every gig powerful enough that it sends bodies flying not only in the front rows...

Manically edgy grind, BANDIT!!!

Philadelphia pack BANDIT pumps out relentless grind core with frenziedly brutal and fast fire drumbeats. From the very beginning these guys have revelled in the adoration of not only an ever-growing crowd of fans, but also of ‘big’ UG magazines such as Decibel and Metal Injection.

Grinding death metal from Finland coming soon to the amphitheater near you!!! GALVANIZER!!!

Formed in 2013, GALVANIZER exploded on to the scene with fast, brutal and grinding death metal which they managed to etch onto their EP “Horrid Tales of Death...” just two year later. Full of energy, rawness and grinding velocity, the band recorded its debut album “Sanguine Vigil” in 2017.


This legendary band from the land of thousand lakes started its journey in 1980 and has since influenced bands and musicians around the world!!! Yes, it's none other than the Lappish madmen from Tornio, TERVEET KÄDET!!! 

Dance and destroy by HETZE!!!

Dance and destroy! That's the motto of this Belgian ultra fast power violence/hardcore maelstrom called HETZE. The band's name has been resonating in the European fastcore scene for the last two years and it’s no surprise that their debut album has been so well received.


That’s right! At Obscene Extreme we can't allow there to be a lack of energetic, pissed and intense punk!!! That's why you should be clutching onto your Union Jacks in anticipation for the return of British punk legends, VARUKERS!!! 

Devastation in a blink of an eye by D.I.S.!!!

Swedish flavoured d-beat thrashed out by fellows with experience from grind/death metal (e.g. Phobia) bands? It can't but turn out to be great.

Raucous hardcore air raid by RAW PEACE!!!

If you are into Japanese psycho hardcore like G.I.S.M. or Zouo, don’t let this pack of well-seasoned Belgian faces from the UG scene pass you by. Mark down in your calendar that RAW PEACE will be playing at Obscene Extreme Festival 2020!

Prepare to be ruled by the horned devils of old school death metal!!! INCANTATION!!!

The blasphemous demons, fronted by John McEntee, will be once again returning to desecrate Trutnov after four years absence. It`s more than likely they have been hard at work forging brand new terrifying stuff with sharp spikes and hot irons.

Wild modern grind core by UNSU!!!

French grind scene is a mind-bending concept in itself. No wonder grind bands hailing from this country are of such high quality. One of the brigades to be throwing a show at the Obscene Extreme Festival in 2020 are the relatively unknown UNSU. Believe us when we say, that once they launch their devastating set, not a single limb in the whole of Trutnov venue will be able to be restrained.

Brazilian vibrant hardcore/metal whirlwind named AÇÃO DIRETA!!!

This Brazilian pack called AÇÃO DIRETA can, with a clear conscience, be placed alongside other South American hardcore/punk legends such as Ratos de Porão, Agrotoxico or Armagedom. The inception of this band dates back to almost unbeliavable year of 1987!!!

The mix of technical brutal death and melodic fingering to send you into a trance!!! ORIGIN!!!

The obsession with cosmic energy can be transformed into proper ferocity. It is the Americans of ORIGIN who are the pioneers and their complete history is full of stellar motifs. 

OBSCENE EXTREME 2019 - New poster!!!

Help us with promotion, invite your friends and share where you can!!! Thank you!!!

Ultra crazy and rapid fastcore from Leeds!!! ONA SNOP!!!

The violent power of fastcore with a touch of Monty Python’s Flying Circus… that’s not possible? It fucking is. Especially when speaking about these crazy Englishmen, ONA SNOP.

Unique live set delivered by the legendary PIG DESTROYER!!!

This is THE top grind band of the current UG scene. PIG DESTROYER with their modern, full-on sound of their latest album, "Head Cage" (Relapse, 2018) and their totally frantic live performances have become forerunners for the entire extreme music scene.


We are thrilled to announce another squad for OEF 2020. KRLJA! A brutal four-piece from sunny Croatia!!! Following great representatives of Croatia's grind, like Bolesno Grinje and Dislike, here is KRLJA, a crew a bit younger who have skilfully mixed grindcore with death metal and a pinch of crust!!! 

Texas electric guitar massacre by P.L.F.!!!

If you are unfamiliar with this band then it would appear that your grasp of the grind core scene is somewhat lacking. We believe that PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER, aka P.L.F., are cornerstones of the current global grind scene. 


Bad news from camp of stechcore guys INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL!!! Few days ago, the bass player of this great band passed away and crossed the river Styx!!! We are devastated!!!