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Formed in 1997 with Boss Jass on drums, Dungar on bass, Guy G-88 on vocals, and Marco-4-LOM on guitar. Recorded a self-titled 9 song demo in July 1997. Marco 4-LOM left in October 1997 at which point Dungar took his place on guitar, and Mirek Marz joined on second guitar. In 1998 this lineup recorded the 6 song "Grind from Gand" demo with Dungar performing bass duties. By August 1999, Zuckus had added Dom Ieraci on bass, and they recorded the 6 song "From Gand with Grind" demo. These 2 demos became the album "Titfucked by Tauntaun" released July 7, 2000. 4-Dom left the band prior to its release and over the next 9 years, Zuckuss would work with a revolving cast of 30 bass players, while Dungar performed bass on studio albums. In 2004, Zuckuss replaced Mirek Mars with Chewie Lewis and released "Rancor Rimjob". Extensive touring followed across Canada, USA and Japan. In 2009, Zuckuss replaced Chewie Lewis with Hand Solo and released "Gamorrean Gangbang" November 20th of that year... 2011 marked a new beginning for Zuckuss. Boba Frett replaced Hand Solo, Landin Morpussyin took over on vocals, and Lord Blader filled the long-vacant bass player slot. January 2011 til February 2013 Zuckuss maintained a gruelling touring schedule, visiting over 80 countries in 26 month. With a bit of downtime, we've decided to record our new album titled "Zuck My Nock". Drums tracking begins May 15, 2013. July 2017 Lando left the band and Guyg88 rejoined Zuckuss at the Armstrong Metalfest and in the next spring recorded vocals for the upcumming Zuck My Nock album. Shortly after Lord Bladder left to pursue his other musical engagements. Currently the band is feverishly working on the follow up albums to Zuck My nock and getting Zuck My Nock finally released.


Release date Release name Media
2009 Gamorrean Gangbang CD
2005 Rancor Rimjob CD
2000 Titfucked By Tauntaun CD


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