WARTRODDEN United States



Wartrodden is a 3 pice juggernaut from Shreveport Louisiana U.S.A. Who organically combine D-Beat Hardcore Crust with Sludge and Doom that makes for a molotov cocktail for the eardrums. Wartrodden continue to operate on a D.I.Y level releasing full legths,demos and limited tape splits. And sharing the stage with bands such as Eyehategod,Goatwhore,Full of Hell,Antiseen and The Sword,WT is able to bob and weave bridging gaps playing Punk,Hardcore and Doom seen related shows not sticking to one audience or the other.


Release date Release name Media
2017 Wartrodden/Neurosick split MC (TAPE)
2015 Wartrodden/Bliodcrest global unrest split MC (TAPE)
2015 Wartrodden/self titled full legth MC (TAPE)
2014 wartrodden -self titled CD


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