VULVATHRONE - Psychopatia Sexualis


A Brief History of a Band So Utterly Perverse and Impious That The Very Mentioning of Its Name Sends Shudders of Inexpressible Trepidation and Disgust Down the Spine of Any Given Maiden Treading The Blessed Soil of the Minuscule Holy Enclave Known by the Name of Slovenia. The abominable idea of creating such a horrid creature was the gruesome emanation of somber broodings spawned in the profound obscurities of bands blackened hearts, deriving its diabolical strength and vividness from sadomasochistic and scatological imagery of torture, incest and rape rooted deeply in their souls by the feverishly pursued studies of pornography and gore. As a Fourheadbeast, we played a lot of concerts and festivals with Bands like Dying Fetus, Napalm Death, Nile, Incantation, Abrasive, Sanatorium, Lividity etc. Check it out.


Release date Release name Media
2009 Passion of Perversity CD
2007 Bukkake CD
2005 Proto-Bukkake DEMO


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