VULGARXVOMIT - shipissfuckhyfgf.mp3


VULGARxVOMIT is a 3 piece Powerviolence/Grindcore band with influences from Noise Punk, D-Beat, Mince Hardcore, and Crust from the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles county. Established in 2017 our lineup has been and will stay consistent throughout our duration with Jerry on crowd participation and, Josh on bass and Guitar (during live shows he either picks one or switches song to song), and Mario on Drums. With all 3 sharing vocal duties depending on the song. In our area our shows are know for being very chaotic and fun with members clashing with the crowd and throwing things we believe the OEF crowd will enjoy this a lot. Our lyrical content ranges from Serial Killers to Drugs to Car Crashes to Poop to Murder to Parties and just about anything else. We hope to be chosen to play Obscene Extreme Festival.


Release date Release name Media
2019 Here You Fucking Go DOWNLOAD


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