VINAGRON - La luz del Diablo


After going through a large number of bands, the members of Vinagron meet at a party organized by Bastardo Maldito on the occasion of making one of his horror novels known. ....... that that night they woke up talking and at the end of that coven they took the instruments that the Bastardo had at home and played for a few more hours. That same day after Yaga, admirer and great connoisseur of arachnids (and immune to the poison of almost all of them due to their multiple bites) saw a great vinegar come out of that filthy place and without thinking twice, he took the dangerous animal and bit him repeatedly, until completely devoured. Thus a legend was born, the name could not describe them better: underground, deadly, from its own land, feared, impressive and with a devilish aspect ... The rest is history ....VINAGRON


Release date Release name Media
2008 Vicarius Filii Dei
2004 Mastigoproctus Giganteus DEMO
2001 Sexcentésimo Sexagésimo Sexto DEMO


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