VIBRION Argentina

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In 1992, the Argentinian death-metal band Vibrion infected the international underground scene with its first demo album "Erradicated Life" positioning them as a cult act worldwide, soon after released on EP by the swiss label Witchhunt Records and with two songs featured on 1994 NUCLEAR BLAST'S "GRINDCORE" compilation. Followed by their first full-length album "Diseased" (1995) , full-length album "Closed Frontiers" (1997) and "Instinct" EP (2002) the band developed an unique style combining the most violent death-grind attacks, which come unexpected after their slow bending and "tango-ish" riffs, all combined with their trademark double blast technique which they named "Cuatrijera". VIBRION just finished the recording of their long awaited new album "Bacterya" soon to be released worldwide, on first mid 2016. Today based in Belgium and Argentina, the unfrozen evil is back again, and a new plague will be unleashed.


Release date Release name Media
2016 Bacterya CD, DOWNLOAD
2013 Buenos Aires Re-Infected (Argentina Tour) CD, DVD
1997 Closed Frontiers CD, DOWNLOAD, MC (TAPE)
1995 Diseased CD, DOWNLOAD, LP, MC (TAPE)
1994 Erradicated Life EP
1993 Erradicated Life DEMO


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