VERATRUM - 09 Thule.mp3


Veratrum were founded in October 2008 by Caim (guitar), Marchosias (bass) and Haiwas (vocals, guitar, keyboard). After a few months the line-up was completed, when Sabnok (drums) joined the band. With this line-up the band started composing the songs of their first demo and in January 2010 they started playing their first live shows. In September the demo CD “Sangue” (“Blood”) is released, featuring a Brutal Death sound with Black and Doom influences. The demo is very well reviewed by both webzines and specialized magazines. In 2011 the band focused on live shows and on the preparation of their first full-lenght album “Sentieri Dimenticati” (“Forgotten Paths”), which was produced between November 2011 and January 2012 and released in February of that year. In March 2013 it was realeased worldwide with the label Buil2kill Records. The feedback from the audience and the press is confirmed to be very positive. In 2014 Caim left the band. After a short while, the band started recording the album “Mondi Sospesi” (“Suspended Worlds”). In October 2014 Rimmon joined the line-up as guitarist and backing vocalist.


Release date Release name Media
2012 Sentieri Dimenticati CD
2010 Sangue DEMO


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