VAGINA VACTERIAL - stench of death (promo).mp3


In 2008 started the idea of playing, but Death Metal genre was not contemplated, would play only a tribute to rammstein type covers, from the first were only Juan Rodolfo, Juan Gerardo and Juan Carlos, the first trial with only one non-professional piano, a guitar and bass, practicing four to five months, six months after Juan Rodolfo leaves the project (Helldestroyers) as a tentative name of the band a few months after Juan Gerardi Gets a battery and Juan Gerardo passing day to be bearish happens to play drums, and after a few days cousins Arthur Julius Caesar and enter the lineup as bassist and guitarist rehearsing a few weeks time comes to pass that Alberto Raymundo vocals complete the band already doing, to a month because of family problems such as Julio Cesar Arturo out of the band being in a short time decided to change the alignment being in Battery Juan Gerardo, Alberto Raymundo on bass and Juan Carlos on guitar, as this will drive most of the time starting to rehearse and play without a voice, after the first year (2009) still playing without a voice trying to find someone that fits, was at this moment when the name "Vagina Vacterial" started out as John Gerard's name comes up as several songs that would sound later (Liquefied Thanatos, anally raped by a monkey Circus, Mezcal Zombie, Necro Rat Imperial.) from then on continued to form the Death Metal genre, until they could get voice. Juan Carlos was the same achievement with effort to attach to learn to sing songs and thus ensuring good chord, Alberto Raymundo after that with its influence on the varied rhythms Grind makes knowing that because of their accompaniment on the bass can sound a simple but audible rhythm by dancing with a clown mask the characteristic of giving his personal touch to all this within two years (2010 - 2011) you can see the performance, the band is well under way, however in the short time progress has been made in the genre thus ensuring people's taste and maintain it, according the road and making good metal.


Release date Release name Media
2013 begin the infection DEMO


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