TYPHOID Slovakia

TYPHOID - Synthetically Mutilated


1995 start of doing own tracks line up: Jozef Flimel - bass, vocal, Roman Regina - guitar, vocal, Jan Mokry - drums 1997 Intestines Of Immortality (demo) 2000 Ruptured Self Control (debut full length album, released under ISP prod.) 2001 Intestines Of Immortality (demo stuff with live cover bonus of Possessed, CD-R release under ISP prod.) 2002 Deoxyribonucleic Accident MCD (3 Typhoid tracks, 1 cover of Autopsy, 1 cover of Dying Fetus, released under ISP prod.) 2003 first line up change from trio to quartet, new second guitarist Rado Godal (ex-Synthetically Revived) 2008 Disfigured By Blind Faith (produced in own TSL studio, album cover from Par Olofsson, released under Grodhaisn prod.) 2009-2012 hibernation/vigilant coma 2012 Jan Mokry and Rado Godal left the band 2013 new line up again as a trio: Jozef Flimel - bass, vocal, Roman Regina - guitar, vocal, Sead Bihorac - drums 2013-2014 great new gigs, new tracks 2015 recording of new promo, searching new label


Release date Release name Media
2008 Disfigured By Blind Faith CD
2002 Deoxyribonucleic Accident CD, EP
2001 Intestines Of Immortality CD
2000 Ruptured Self Control CD
1997 Intestines Of Immortality DEMO


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