Well, you..re asking how it all got started? It was a long process with gallons of beer and booze - ya know. Year after year - just drunken talk. We were asking ourselves “Why the hell there is no proper death metal bands around?“ It was summer of 05 when the 1st rehearsal took it..s place.

Fuck the melodic so called “death” metal bands. Our influences are in the old school death metal. Influences range from the morrisound studio sound to the sunlight style.

TORTURE PULSE is a brainchild of Kimmo(ex-Mythos voc/gtr), Jani (ex-Belial/Impaled Nazarene-bass) and Petri (Scent/Pathos Gazette-drums).However Jani had to leave because he wanted to concentrate on his studies and his main band PLAN-E. After quite a long search Jani was replaced by Ari (Sigil).

The search continued, and we found ourselves a singer from the gutters of Oulu. We heard some infernal noices coming from the sewer systems, and there he was: the Man, the Voice, the Myth, the Beast -- ARTTU the ABOMINATION (Pathos Gazette).

So we made a couple of demos in '07 and '08. Debut album 'PLAGUE POETRY' is released by Witches Brew (cd) in 2010. Lp released by Funeral Industries in 2012.

Somewhere in time after recording 'Plague Poetry' Arttu slithered back to the sewers. Meanwhile just round the corner loud cursing was to be heard. It was FEETUS, actually the original TP -singer, stabbing some hobos and insulting them violently... and it was love at second sight and the existing line-up became reality.

'Lair of The Wretched', 7" split with Johansson & Speckmann is released in 2013 by Funeral Industries.

'Devilroot' (cd-ep) is released in 2014 by Violent Journey Records.


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