TOP SEKRET Czech Republic



In the year 2007, there is an idea to do some fun in the form of band. From endings NJ bands (Discore, Nausea) are invited to establish Honza-drums, Kozell-guitar and Kuba-singing (then still-Gola vocals). To band added Faly (Ex-lex) and the band gets a name Fragrant Rectum. In June 2007 the band broke up. Since July 2007, the new line-Kuba-drums and Kozell-guitar, called TOP SEKRET being examined anew. The band is invited Gola-singing, at that time, the band only played it a try. The band added Fingy-guitar and the end of the year, also adds Koki-bass (Veto). In 2008 we play a few gigs, there is even included Merryfest vol.1. In the summer of 2008 after disagreements with the band leaving Fingy. In that year hosted with us for about 3 concerts Merrycater:-). The band in its final form Kuba-drums, Kozell-guitar, Gola-singing, Kokeš-bass. The band played X gigs:-). In May 2009, we record the CD, we agree on the package and the like. In August, leaving Gola and cupel now leads Kozell with gore neck and Koki roar. The band does not compromise and play further. CD is developing. In March 2010, based on CD (a complication of issue-pack). In May, leaving Kokeš. Play on Merryfest vol.3 in two, both from start of Top Sekret:-). Now the band is back in development, we take to the band singer Nasum (8 dní venkova)-gore vocals, at the end of this year, the band got the bass-Honza (Brnďa) .So let's hope that the report will no longer change :). The beginning of the new year 2011 was marked by the breakup of the singer Nasum of time reason.Band has scheduled, bass seems to be okay, as long band hopefully we do not want to jinx anything, that there is a desire to play :). In 2011, the band played about 16 -17 concerts with new image that we will stay away. Fans responded to this change largely positive, gas masks and fetish just to grind-gore belongs :). The band as a whole rallied quite a lot you mean in terms of gameplay !! and booze: D !! Beginning in 2012, they start preparing new songs, which does not get to gigs but we hope first CD on which we plan but it is all in stars.Band was in the middle of touring quite a lot of busy ... songs that we prepared so we are poised in mid ... The band looked this year to Austria and Slovakia .... what the report terms hope that the change will not bo us enough suits ... the end of 2012 the band got into a state of stagnation. ... it means songs that were perfectly rehearsed it so we played well while drunk: D 2013 were some personal problems .... but the whole band to band carrying out final broke .... some songs so that the new CD was sexy: D concerts were on average as far as TS, the end of 2013 is preparing a recording of a packaging + shirts etc. In April 2014 release the new CD Komatum...We play on Austria again and have many concerts in Czech. Stay in three and with masks :D To year 2015 we have some plans to play in Hungary and Poland.


Release date Release name Media
2014 Komatum CD
2010 (Po)Hlavní Orgán CD


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