THE CARNIVORA - The eyes on the walls.mp3


The band was born in 2007 in Ufa (Russia / Republic of Bashkortostan) as a side project of band "Necrogrind". In couple years it turned to grindcore wtih death metal elements. After Demo 2009 band members declined metal and decided to play grindcore. Soon The Carnivora plays its music both on hardcore gigs and brutal death metal gigs. Under the influence of hardcore, The Carnivora started to make powerviolence / fastcore / grindcore music and completely formed its music genre. For nowadays The Carnivora is partically on of the few bands in mid Russia who plays such cool agressive fast music.


Release date Release name Media
2015 Compilation 2009 - 2014 (remastered) DOWNLOAD, MC (TAPE)
2015 Karavay D.I.Y. Vinyl VA / 1 track DOWNLOAD, LP
2014 Split w/ Chumpcrusher / Kilgrind Traut DOWNLOAD
2014 Single DEMO, DOWNLOAD
2013 Split w/ From Alcohol To Destruction DOWNLOAD
2012 EP 2012 DOWNLOAD, EP
2009 Demo 2009 DOWNLOAD


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