SODOMIZED CADAVER - Weapons Of Mass Decomposition.mp3


Formed in 2013 in the bowels of the Welsh valleys, Sodomized Cadaver went out to create a unique sound blending bone crushing death metal with elements of thrash, black and doom metal. After a few weeks of practising Sodomized Cadaver travelled to London to play their first ever show with death metal pioneers Brutal Truth which really set the standard for the quality of shows which was to come for Sodomized Cadaver having shared the stage with the likes of Malevolent Creation, Exhumed, Toxic Holocaust, Hour Of Penance, Psycroptic and touring with UKDM legends Desecration. As of late Sodomized Cadaver have brought out "Vorarephilia" a 5 track EP featuring tracks Cannibal Butcher, Weapons Of Mass Decomposition plus more, filled with controversial lyrics and explicit artwork "Vorarephilia" is not a record you will forget in a hurry. Sodomized Cadaver prize themselves on writing songs filled with gore, rape, murder, suffering and torture and are heavily influenced by apocalyptic scenarios which really travels from their lyrics to their music with their ferocious take on the genre of death metal. Sodomized Cadaver plan on touring more and reaching places they have yet to play whilst working on the second release. See them at a show near you soon and spread the sodomy.


Release date Release name Media
2015 Verses Of Putridity CD
2014 Vorarephilia EP


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