SLUP Czech Republic

SLUP - Toilet balls, to ass to pussy


We have another confirmed band, SLUP! These guys are definitely worth your attention! They will be blasting out songs from their new album "Perverze Trinity" at this year's OEF. This guttural gore grind is the perfect option for sado/maso fans of GUT or CBT! Perverted songs and rumbling vocals that will tear your ear canals. They are definitely worth listening to!!!

Come and support these beasts from Brno and see for yourself. They smash it live and will get your hips pumping to the beat! This will be a tasty latex perversion party!!!



Release date Release name Media
2021 Perverse Trinity CD
2017 Brno Means A Party CD
2017 Studio Session
2016 Kurvývar
2014 Dramatorgie CD
2013 Spinal Cord Ejaculation / SLUP / Gonorrea - Dirty Rythms To Delicate Pussys (3-Way Split CDr) CD
2012 Mimo mísu CD


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