RESSONâNCIA MóRFICA - Banzeiro Nocivo


Ressonancia Morfica is an veteran Brazilian death grind band. Formed in 1997 in Manaus-AM by singer Marcos Campos and guitarist Luiz Souza, the band has been based in Goiânia-GO since 2001.In 2009, they played in over 15 cities throughout Brazil, on a tour that lasted 3 months, entitled Morfitour. In June 2016, the band performed their first international tour alongside Brazilian death metal icon Nervo Chaos and Gama Bomb, touring 7 South American countries and performing at major South American festivals. Summer 2018, in partnership with On Fire Booking Agency, they have toured Europe, 13 dates, through 6 countries. Now after two albums and one EP, they are working on a full lengthy album, but before it , they are coming with three short punches with Sewer Trench.


Release date Release name Media
2014 Mapinguari CD
2009 Morficaos EP
2005 Agregados Onímodos Malditos CD


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