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BIOGRAPHY: Unholy sledgehammer of Death Metal focused on its traditional and raw sound. PYRE tongues rose up in May of 2011 in St-Petersburg, Russia. After a little demo Pyre have recorded four songs for the first EP «Ravenous Decease» which was released as 12" vinyl by Blood Harvest Records in spring 2012 and a bit later on CD by Assault-Crew Records (RUS) and on cassette by Maltkross Records (FRA) and Underground Resistance Records (TUR). Years 2012 and 2013 were spent in participation of a lot of gigs which held in different cities of Russia as well as Helsinki (FIN), sharing the stage with the bands such as Demonical, Lie In Ruins, Lantern, Corpsessed, Spasmodic, Decaying, Tyranny, Perdition Winds, Neutron Hammer and numbers of Russian bands. In the fall of 2012 Pyre began a record of two new songs for split with Entrapment (NED) which was released on 12" vinyl by Soulseller Records in May 2013. In January 2014 Pyre began to record the full-length album. “Human Hecatomb” was recorded and mixed in the same Hiboll Studios in St-Petersburg. Mastering was done in Enormous Door Mastering (Austin, USA). For releasing the album on CD and vinyl Pyre signed an agreement with Chaos Records (MEX). The CD has been unleashed in October 6, 2014. The year of 2014 was ended in joint performance with Entombed A.D. in St-Petersburg. And 2015 begins with gigs together with B?lzer and Nominon. 2015 - Graveland Death Fest - The Netherlands (with Belphegor, Terrorizer, Pentacle etc), Old Grave Fest lV- Romania (with Destroyer 666, Agressor, Dead Congregation, Baphomet's Blood, Violentor etc), Sheer Terror Fest - Moldova. 2016 - also a lot of gigs as well as Kuolema ll Fest - Helsinki (with Angelcorpse, Torture Killer, Centinex, Defeated Sanity, Wombbath. Also there was some releases such as "Seven Burning Churches" Tribute to Possessed, FACES OF DEATH - Russian Death Metal Compilation and November 2016 - PYRE / INTERMENT - split 7" EP. 2017 starts with confirmation for Helsinki Death Fest, May 5-6. In the fall of 2017 Pyre line-up changes happened - Kannib Maledic who've been playing drums since year of 2011 was dismissed. Right away, Mal Noer entered the band and came emmidiately upon baptism of fire playing succesful gigs with Pyre supporting Necrophobic during their tour dates in Russia. 2019 - After releasing of split 7" with swedish Corpsehammer, the band is signing to Memento Mori Records and keep working on a new full-length album, which is going to be released in 2020. DISCOGRAPHY: Ravenous Decease - EP - 2012 Pyre / Entrapment - Split - 2013 Human Hecatomb - Full-length - 2014 A Tribute To Possessed: Seven Burning Churches - Compilation - 2016 Faces Of Death - Russian Death Metal - Compilation - 2016 Pyre / Interment - Split - 2016 Pyre / Corpsehammer - split - 2019 New Full-length album - 2020 (TBR)


Release date Release name Media
2019 Pyre / Corpsehammer - split EP
2016 Pyre / Interment - Split EP
2014 Human Hecatomb LP
2013 Pyre / Entrapment - split EP
2012 Ravenous Decease EP


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