PUTRID EVIL - Redemption Through Consumption


Another big surprise from our northern neighbours from Poland is PUTRID EVIL band!!! If you like real oldschool grindcore, tinged with death metal and played with a crusty twist, then you are at right point here. 

The relatively young trio calling themselves PUTRID EVIL have been grinding our ear canals since 2013 and although they don't have a big record out yet, their recordings, which are dominated by their latest EP "Worm Infestation" sound absolutely awesome!!! A must for fans of Repulsion, Autopsy, Discharge or Impetigo!!! And we all are, aren't we!!!


PUTRID EVIL - a Crusty Old School Death/Grind from the rotten`n`stinking cellars of 3city in Poland!  Stillborn in spring 2013 by Dave W. on vocals/guitars and M.D. on drums/vocals to vomit some gore infected noise upon the mother earth`s decaying corpse. In autumn 2013 the two initial scumbags were joined by Bart on bass and soon 9 songs for the 1st demo were completed. The demo ”Nassgrave Overtortures” was initially self-released as a CDR and later a pro-tape was done by the Italian Terror From Hell Records in a strict limit of 150 tapes. The band started playing some local shows in the Pomerania area and making some new songs for the new release which came out in 2015 as 3-way split with Sacrofuck and Execution of Light on Putrid Cult Productions. In 2015 Bart left the band, and Wojtek became new bassist/Singer. The band carried on with more gigs both locally and in different parts of the country  with bands such as Nuclear Holocaust, Anus Magulo, Phrenelith, Funebrarum, Unborn Suffer, Escarnium and Hacavitz among others. In the meantime some new tracks got recorded and saw the light of the day in 2017. The same material was released on tape as a split with Chilean Violent Scum entitled ”Sacraments of Iniquity” (Kampf Rercords) and on a split CD ”Chapel of Stillborn Messiah” (Putrid Cult Productions). After these releases Putrid Evil played a few shows and then the bassist Wojtek left the band which took a break for while in order to return in 2020 reinforced by Mr. Lazarus on bass guitar. In this line-up the band entered the studio in early 2021 and recorded a new EP ”Worm Infestation” to be out soon! So,  if you dig the old shit by Repulsion, Napalm Death, Doom, Terrorizer, Impetigo, Autopsy, Hellhammer or Discharge, you can check this out! 


Release date Release name Media
2021 Worm Infestation EP
2017 Sacraments of Iniquity - Split
2017 Chapel of Stillborn Messiah - Split
2015 Massgrave Overtortures DEMO
2015 Putrid Graveyard Hordes - Split


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PutridEvil 19.05.2021 22:53

https://youtu.be/2e17u2WB_ww Check The New stuff

PutridEvil 19.05.2021 22:52

https://youtu.be/2e17u2WB_ww Check The New stuff

PutridEvil 11.05.2020 22:19

More releases. Check it on The bancamp profile!