PUNCH OF MORONS - Punch Of Morons - Black Cage Of Terror (Full) 2017 Grindcore Powerviolence.mp3


Punch of Morons was founded in 2016, Saint Petersburg. Two old buddy's Stepan Kudinov on drums and Fatykhov Sergey (MxDx) on guitar. Guys decide to play something new between grindcore and powerviolence. Right after first practise's band recruit their friend Dmitry Kutuzov (Hat'), who was free from work with his crust band Remark, for vocals. In this year band record a test demo and played first shows. 2017 starts for band with new member Konstantin Konstantinov on bass, new energy and new ideas. Band record second rehearsal demo "Black cage of terror" and play at least 1 show at month. Lot of practice and live shows facilitate to "sound of punch of morons". Band create new ideas in their own genre between grindcore and hardcore, death metal and powerviolence. In last months of 2017 band record bunch of new songs for first official release and prepare killer live set for endless show what band planned in 2018. Lyrics is a typical for grindcore and powerviolence and based on nihilism. Punch Of Morons deny descrimination by sex, race, nation or language. Forever support for any forms of D.I.Y. grindcore and punk.


Release date Release name Media
2017 Black Cage Of Terror DEMO, MC (TAPE)
2016 Punch Of Morons DEMO, DOWNLOAD


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