PODRIDãO - 5-Regurgitate Hellish Maggots.mp3


Podridão started in 2015, a project created by members of the bands Beyond the Grave and Febre do Rato. In order to play the most primitive and crude Death Metal. Since the beginning the band has been making several releases of demos, singles, splits and albums. In 2019 the band left for a tour of more than 70 days in Brazil, passing through the North, Northeast, Southeast and Midwest regions. LineUp: Putrid Dick: Screams and Bass Noise Rotten Flesh: Chaisaw Guitars Repugnant Fat: Drumstank


Release date Release name Media
2020 Necrotic Symbiosis CD, DOWNLOAD, EP, MC (TAPE)
2020 Revering The Unearthed Corpse CD, DOWNLOAD, MC (TAPE)
2017 Podridão CD
2016 Demo DEMO
2016 Orgy With Corpse DEMO, DOWNLOAD


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