PLAGUE UPON THE OCEAN - 04 Where No Light Dwells.mp3


Plague Upon The Ocean is a four-piece neckbreaker from Kiel, northern Germany. Founded in 2010, the band merges old-school Death-Metal with modern aspects ranging from state of the art Death-Metal to Post-Metal. Combining influences from many other badass bands, the songwriting process was focused on being sick and heavy, but also harmonic in a very massive way. After some member changes, Plague Upon The Ocean has found a strong and solid line-up in early 2012 and began to spread it's fierce mixture of chainsawish riffs, raspy melodies and soundwall harmonies upon stages across the land. Already being confirmed for some festivals and indoor dates in 2012, the plague was always looking for new places to pound into dust. In April 2013 Andy and Phil left the band due to personal causes, followed by Manu later that year. The Plague had to spread it's tentacles to find a new Guitar and Drum Member! Only some weeks later Julian joined the band as the new mastermind on the Guitar. His awesome skills soon began to add new spirits to the Plague's creative work. In November 2013 Jacob joined as the new drummer. The band was finally able to practice in FULL METAL Mode again and entered many stages in 2014, namely those at the big cities in northern Germany, Black Way Open Air, Mosh im Mai's 10th anniversary, the first Kiel RockCity Festival and some more together with awesome bands such as Methods of Massacre, Slowly Rotten, Devastator, Tyson, Negator, Aborted, Cripper and many more! In 2015 the band released it's first EP called 'HAVARIE' with 'Effloresced' as a bulldozing piece of shredding art, the neckbreaking melodic track 'Havarie', some heavy tunes in 'Tidal Wrath' and the massive spine busting 'Where No Light Dwells'. Four songs to show strength and power as the art of PLAGUE UPON THE OCEAN. BE PREPARED FOR MORE!


Release date Release name Media
2015 Havarie CD, DOWNLOAD, EP
2012 Demo 2012 DEMO, DOWNLOAD
2012 Live @ Burning Q 2012 DEMO, DOWNLOAD


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