PIT FULL DEATH Czech Republic

PIT FULL DEATH - Return To Chaos pmf.mp3


The band was formed in March 2010 as a pure thrash metal band. In the report, Matthew, Lukes and Cuba began to give birth early songs. For nearly six months joins singer Monika (Today Not Fragile) and wrote the lyrics to the first song PFD - Weapon Inside. After her departure is looking for a new singer, then comes Vaca, a guitarist who radically changed the direction of the band to its core, death allowance :-) Soon, the band begins to flirt and Martin (Amiga), which over time lead vocals. The band is thus complete. The first concert was held on 7. 3. 2014 Náchodska Sport Club, another the next day in the restaurant U Hobl in Cerveny Kostelec ... In August 2015 leaving singer Martin. Despite a few nuisances we for all thank you very much! Martin immediately replaces Michal and 2016 again we roll to the fullest! Further functioning bands can be seen on our Facebook page.


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