PICHA Costa Rica

PICHA - Picha - La venganza del carepicha - 02 Muerto por un punzón hecho de mierda congelada.mp3


The band started out in the middle of the year 2000 as a Noisecore/Grindnoise band, Noisegrinder, drummer, and founder of the band decided to pick a name for the band that would represent what they wanted to do, so the name PICHA was chosen (Picha means DICK or PENIS in Costa Rica, Spain and other Latin America countries) after that they immediately recorded their first demo called "Culiando Renalmente (Fucking renally) which is a demo rehearsal. After an unexpected success & line up change, Noisegrinder being the sole original member the band headed to record their second rehearsal demo which was called "Carepicha" (Dick face) and was released the very next year. With this second demo the band reached an international audience and then decided to head to studio and be the first noise band from Costa Rica to record an album in a professional studio, that's how in 2002 they recorded their debut album "La barba de Osama me raspa los webos" (Osama's beard scrapes my testicles) which launched the band to a cult status in Costa Rica, Mexico and Spain, where they have their most of their followers. After the album was released another line up change put the band on hiatus and left Noisegrinder alone again looking for members to keep going, and in the year 2003 Forensick joined the band as guitarist and vocalist also, with this line up some tracks were recorded right away but they were released till 2010 via Human discount records (Italy) and Serpent God Records (Costa Rica) as a split cd with the Italian band Neisseria Ghonoherroeae, the split album was sold out shortly after its release. For 2014 the band headed to record and EP in the old fashion way, and Noisegrinder and Forensick recorded their "Necrotizante dolor de culo" (Necrotizing ass pain) which was released in 2016 along with a digital collection of their unreleased tracks called "psicopata" (Psycho) as a digital download on their bandcamp site. in 2017 the band started working on new material and decided to do a split CD with the Costa rican band Impaled Cunts and it was meant to be a romantic themed split it was called "Canciones de amor y esperanza" (Love and hope songs), and it was released in CD by Nightfall Distro being one of their best selling items. Also in 2017 the band released their second album called "La venganza del carepicha" (The revenge of the dick face) which has been a huge hit in the whole Latin American area, launching the band to a newly and unexpected success. The band has only performed twice during their 17 years of existence, but they are now taking live shows more seriously and plan to play at least once a year from now on, as they are one of the bands that attract more audience in the country.


Release date Release name Media
2017 Canciones de amor y esperanza (SPLIT CD with Impaled Cunts (Costa Rica) CD
2017 La venganza del carepicha CD, DOWNLOAD
2016 Psicopata DOWNLOAD
2016 Necrotizante dolor de culo EP
2010 Two ways to torture a rotten body with surgery (SPLIT CD with Neisseria Ghonoherroreae (Italy) CD
2002 La barba de Osama me raspa los webos CD
2001 Carepicha DEMO
2000 Culiando Renalmente DEMO


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