PAINIS Germany

PAINIS - Lost in Space MIX2.mp3


What are these scary noises in the little German town called Emmendingen near Freiburg? It’s the sound of a young uprising band; four guys without long hair, heavy boots, but what they play makes you wanting more. Since 2010 they have played many concerts and could release their first EP in 2013 called ‘Lost in Space. No mainstream, no breakdownbullshit, but with a death/thrash/punk attitude. How do they like it? Fast, loud, dirty. And also the lyrics are various; from clichés about death and devil to the golden liquid and love as well they know what music needs. Those who are lucky to see them will have a great night with beer and dance, without trveness and a lot of humour to laugh about themselves. The thing that counts is fun with noise!


Release date Release name Media
2013 Lost in Space EP


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