ONE DAY IN FUKUSHIMA - One Day In Fukushima - One Day In Fukushima - Demo 2015 - 02 Desomorfina.mp3


One Day in Fukushima was born in late summer 2014 for work by Fabrizio (ex Too Xigen, Ex Shellshock) and Valerio (ex Too Xigen) and for their passion for extreme sounds. In November of the same year the two guys meet at the Kasparhouse studio to record some new stuff (which will be included in future demo). Shortly after, join the line-up also Francesco (Throes Of Perdition) on rhythm guitar and Vincenzo (ZAT, ex La Horde) on bass guitar. The band resumes old school Grindcore sound, but the influences are other genres too, like death metal, punk / hc, Crust ... Currently the band took part in certain activities (a split with more groups and various compilations) and released the demo in June 2015 mixed and mastered at Highwathertz studio by Luciano Gux Robibaro (Buffalo Grillz/Nineleven/No More Lies). Actually the band is making several shows through Italy. In September 2015 Cosimo (Z.A.T., ex Shellshock) joined the band as drummer. Discography: - Demo 2015 - CD - (2015) - Crash Mandolino 2.0 aka Italia Violenta - Compilation LP 12" w/Tsubo, Ape Unit, Neid, Diorrhea and more - (2015) - One Day In Fukushima/Genocidal Terror - Split 7" (coming soon)


Release date Release name Media
2015 Demo 2015 - CD - CD
2015 Crash Mandolino 2.0 aka Italia Violenta LP
2015 One Day In Fukushima/Genocidal Terror Split EP
2015 United Nations Of Grindcore DOWNLOAD
2015 Noisecore Compilation DOWNLOAD
2014 Mutilative Perspective 5way Split DOWNLOAD


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