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Music band partially from Trebic and partially Brno, whose roots are established the end of 2013, is performing in current assembly since December 2015, when songs recorded on album are born, too. In their music hard, straightforward basics are mixed together with both progressive and soft elements. Expressive rhythm next to aggressive guitars is creating space for growl and emotive singing. “On the album, you can find very hard pieces, but also the softer ones. Like people, we have many aspects. We all have different role models in music and this is being reflected in our production – and I think we managed to get it in the album,” adds the drummer, Lubos. First visit of recording studio was in the end of 2016 and in following months the album has been completed little by little. The band is generally trying to create and do everything by themselves, therefore also their first piece was formed without producer. Songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by Zdenek Ondracek in Sonidos studio. Graphic motives were processed by Brno artist, Ladislav Tristan Nekuda. “The Calling” was released in its digital form in the end of summer 2017 on server fairpricemusic.com, where two whole songs, samples of the remaining records and whole album for downloading are available. Physical CD, whose part is also booklet with lyrics and link for MP3 downloading, is now available by online order or in the concerts.


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