NUCLEANUS - 01 Twin Kid Gods.mp3


Established at the end of 2011, Steal This System named after birth and tribute band S.O.A.D. where we played music together with three of its members.Since 1991, this triple minor and major interruptions, since 2004, along with playing on a regular basis, so it is quite a close-knit team.With the Nucleanus 1 juvenile dream come true, that we digress to the world of extreme music.This is the end of 2011 according to the signals came away with time.In the beginning, and then we started our group joined us in 2012, Balázs Tóth singer (Nepride, ex-Goatstalker) and continued to write songs with her.There were a few last year and at various domestic and foreign grindcore, hardcore, punk, etc. bands such as: Jack, or the norwegian band La Casa Phantom and the brazilian band Subterror, and the Defy. Last year in April appeared in the 3 tracks promo album and the fall is expected to be the first album. We have the most extreme metal genre and, because of the variety of thrash, death, and other elements are not uncommon in the fast tempos and themes or grindcore. The lineup is as follows: Balázs Tóth-vocals,Miklós Kocsi-guitar,vocals,László Kanyó-bass,Farkas Hajdú-drums


Release date Release name Media
2014 Promo EP


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