NEWTDICK United States



We are Newtdick, A 100% Slime Grind Band From Under a Rock in Redwood City, California USA. We were born with 8 nipples & 4 slime filled dicks. Give us a lick ! Dick Newt- Guitar & Gurgles IxFxUx- Earth Drums Cobra Kaack- Slimey Bass Agamarreah- Guitar Label: The Nutzz Recordzz


Release date Release name Media
2019 ????? DEMO
2016 Energy From The Wetlands CD
2011 Slime The Planet CD
2011 Cat Shit Vs Newtdick mini cd EP
2011 Goremonger/Newtdick Split EP
2010 3 Way Slime Grind Split EP
2009 Newtdick Vs Salamander Titz EP
2009 4-Way Filth Grind vol 2 EP


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