NEWLEVEL is a Belorussian nu`groove metal band. “We chose exactly this style because it is the easiest way for us to convey to listener all our emotions and energy”© NEWLEVEL The band was formed in Minsk in 2014. It all started with the fact that guitarist Yuri Boguk and the drummer Yuri "Sheff" Shevkov decided to realize their musical ideas in a new project. The guys wanted to create a band of experienced and talented musicians. So the bassist Pavel Darmel (Tarpach, Sontsevorot) was accepted immediately. Then vocalist Artem "Dave" Rudkowski from VerSus7 was invited to NEWLEVEL and he readily agreed and met all expectations. The first song «Never Again» and video to it have been released for a few months. «Never Again» was quite well received by the audience, prompting artists to continue working in this direction. That's what guys talk about the band's name: "The group called NEWLEVEL. We chose this name because it is a new band, new music, new approach to creativity, well, we are on a new level. Each of us received a certain amount of experience in their previous collectives, and now together we have reached a new level. We hope that a lot of new levels are waiting for us. During the next year, the group is actively working on the creation of songs. And the first mini-album, “Mindcrusher” was released in December 2015. It should be noted that there are videos for each track to EP. By the way, one of the videos is completely made of plasticine by the musicians. All releases can be seen and heard on the official pages of the collective in social networks. After the first release NEWLEVEL accelerated the work on the creation of material, and after only six months, the first full-length album, entitled "Kenopsia" was recorded in May 2016. In 2017, the group produces video clips for the songs Nothing and Dying Land, as well as the group for personal reasons leaves bass guitarist Pavel Darmel. Despite the loss of the bass player, NEWLEVEL continues the concert activity at various festivals with session musicians. After a short time, an old friend, a bass player, known for his projects IMPRUDENCE and Nasoferus Denis "Wolf" Martynovich joins the group. To be continued..... The band is composed of: vocalist Artem "Dave" Rudkowski (VerSus7; ex-SPLENETIC; ПАПЁНКИНZ BAND) guitarist Yuri Boguk (ex-CLAN) bass guitarist Denis "Wolf" Martynovich (ех-IMPRUDENCE) drummer Yuri "Sheff" Shevkov (ex-IMPRUDENCE; ex-CLAN)


Release date Release name Media
2016 Lies & Truth (feat. Petr Elfimov) EP
2016 Kenopsia CD
2015 Mindcrusher CD, EP


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