NECROLOGY - Ensayonew


Grindcore band formed in march 95 in Concepción,Chile. Its mad members were at the beginning:Milton (drums); Iván (bass); Fabián (guitar) & Gonzalo (vocals). Necrology recorded its first demo called "Catalepsy" in Electromusica, Chiguayante, Chile. In this demo we could enjoy one of the faces of brutality sometimes ignored by the new 90's "bangers". This demo contained 16 original trakx plus a cover from Belgian Gods, Agathocles; in aprox 20 min. of Grindcore. Apart from the demo, Necrology was part, with 4 trakx, of a compilation called "Rock entre nieblas", recorded in'96. Also they had a lot of material as live records, rehearsals, etc. They played many gigs in Concepción, Los Angeles (Chile), Talca, Temuco and Santiago sharing with many brutal Chilean bands. As many bands, Necrology was not exent of internal problems with subsequent changes in the Line Up, and the last line up was the following: Ivan: bass; Gonzalo: screams, growls & yells; Claudio: Guitar; Milton: drums and sexual pervertion. They splitted up in 2000. They met again in 2007 to support Agathocles in their Matadores del Libertad Southamerican tour in 2007.


Release date Release name Media
1996 Catalepsy DEMO


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