NECROHUNTER - 01. Damnation.mp3


Necrohunter , formed in 2002 and has the sole and exclusive founder Mauro Medeiros. At the beginning the band has undergone several name changes and members, launched in 2011 its first demo, titled Slaughtered, and published the work in the metal festivals follow throughout Brazil. In May 2014, the first album was released, and went on a major national tour and some countries in Latin America. Hunter`s curse won several awards, and launched in several countries. After a great marathon of shows in 2016 the Necrohunter started the dissemination of the next studio album EP titled Damnation where the song won a video / clip, closing some shows to publicize this new artifact


Release date Release name Media
2016 Damnation EP
2014 Hunter's curse CD
2011 Slaughtered DEMO


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