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Morte band was formed in 2001, as a side project of musicians from Radomsko's metal scene. The band was founded by guitar player Ta Deus (Dream, Braquemard,Night Spirit) and singer Maciej "Żaba" Kowalski. Soon guitarist Artur Bednarski (Dream, Braquemard) joined the group. In that line-up, the band formed the first songs. During a few months of searching for musicians, the band was joined by: drummer Michal "Yogi" Kurzacz and bass player Marcin "Diablo" Ogrodowczyk. Both of them are members of a band called Erydan. In 2004, Morte played the first and the last concert for the home town audience and went on hiatus. The rebirth of Morte took place in 2008. Ta Deus decides to invite Victor Lewandowski to join the band. After a short time, Roman "Miron" Mirowski, vocalist/bassist of Braquemard and Daniel "Novick" Nowicki (drummer) join the group. This line-up recorded "DEMO HELL 2009". The next period of the band's activity is full of personal changes. In September, 2009, Victor Lewandowski (guitar) leaves the band. The position of the second guitarist is taken by "Miron". Maciej "Diablo" Ogrodowczyk comes back to Morte. There's also a change in a position of drummer. "Novick" 's out and Maciej "Fly" Walewski (Dream, Hellhunter) becomes the band's new drummer. In 2011, a new material was recorded, called "HOLY LEECH". It includes six death/black compositions produced by Mariusz Konieczny (Hellspawn). After the recording session, Maciej "Fly" Walewski left the band. Now "Morte" is searching for someone to replace him. On March 2012 Miron resigns to be constant member of the band and supports Morte on a few concerts as sessional musician. On Mai 2012 Piotr "Nymus" Zdunek takes up the state of vocalist. In turn on August 2012 Daniel "Slay-R" Widliński becomes constant member of the band as a guitarist. In February 2013 there is a band drummer Michał "Młody" Piekarski and in in Mar. 2013 the guitarist leaves the band and Slay-R, whose replaces Emil "Marchev" Bednarz. Before joining "Marchew" bands wins the contest and the prize is to "Sadistic Festival" in Cracow. Morte also participated in the Festival of Independent Art "IV Free Art Fest from Poland '13" in Czestochowa, who also wins. In December 2013, the band said goodbye to the singer - Nymus and his place was taken by Andrew. Morte started to play gigs in spring of 2009 with: Unearthly (Brazylia); Northen Plague; Deformity (Rosja); Thy Disease; Hermh; Iperyt; Saltus; Blaze Of Perdition; Mord'A'Stigmata; Det Gamle Besatt; Luna Ad Noctum; Hell United; Infernal Death; Heretique; Ethelyn; Mind Afflication; Cień; Sphere; Pyorrhoea; Five Wounds; Inset; Nuclear Vomit; Hellspawn; Disorder; Whispering; Criptic Rites; Negation; Exiled; Deprived; Devon; Setareth; Neves Medeis; Noise Dicks; Post Scriptum; S.T.O.R.N; Anomia; Virtus De Pax; Refog; Coldlight project; Chaos Engine Research; Nosferatis; Daimonion; Erydan; Slasher; Slain; Mebius; Overdose.. Morte is waiting for a concerts offerts. All Artworks by: Piotr "Wujek" Stefani Logo by: Piotr "Wujek" Stefani Members: TaDeus – Gitara Diablo – Bas Młody – Perkusja Marchew – Gitara Andrew – Wokal


Release date Release name Media
2015 Serpent King EP
2011 Holy Leech CD
2009 Demo Hell DEMO


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